All I Want For Christmas Is MORE PATIENCE

#alliwantforchristmasismorepatience #badchristianmoms #patienceworkshop Nov 29, 2021

Christmas Time is here!

Are you mamas experiencing the happiness and cheer that magically oozes out of you this time of year? Are your homes suddenly a haven full of tidings of comfort and joy? Are your kids amazed at the patience you're suddenly exuding now that your halls have been decked?
No?? Well, you’re not alone! Patience is not something that is easy to grab a hold of even when it’s the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, this time of year has the tendency to bring out the worst in us…
What if this year you were able to give yourself (and your kids) the gift of ACTUALLY becoming a more patient mama rather than one faking it with gritted teeth? 😁
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