😄Big Reveal: The Fellowship Group

badchristianmoms Aug 31, 2021

Hey sugar!

It's time to fess up...we've been holding out on you. 😏

Back in January we decided to try an experiment. We curated a bunch of the course content from our Transformation client group (you can catch a glimpse of that awesomeness here). Then, we invited a handful of amazing, drama-free mamas to explore that content together in a private online community. 

We called it The Fellowship Group.


And now let me tell you, these mamas SHOW UP. They are motivated, eager, humble and ready to learn, grow and change. And willing and able to support other mamas doing the same thing. They combine their own determination with the community they form and the solid step-by-step content. The result is that they are:

Transforming their Families by Starting with Themselves.

They're so awesome! And I shan't keep them a secret any longer. That's right. I shan't. 😁

Because this community depends on the quality of its members to maintain it's awesomeness, we can't offer it to people who love drama, stir up trouble or can't handle people having different opinions. But if you are a gospel-hungry, change-seeking mama who can love and support others who are also pursuing their own transformation, then I invite you to book a call with Lizzie and see if the Fellowship is the next best decision you can make right now. Talking with her is transformative in and of itself and that 1 on 1 call is free.

The Fellowship group does not have the intensive community coaching element so we are able to offer it at a fraction of the Transformation investment. Oh and did I mention that my Transformation clients get access to that group after they they've completed the coaching program? So you get to glean from their experience and wisdom too. Boom, baby.

If you have any questions, you can actually just reply to this email and I will get it and respond (that's right, I've got my technologically fancy pants on......ok, it's not that fancy, I'm really just a "newb" as my sons would say so everything just feels fancy/tech-y to me.)

Reach out to me or go chat with Lizzie when you've had enough of being stuck in your own muck and are determined to get the support you need to make the changes you want to see in your life, marriage and family.


Sara Sery


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