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FOMO ALERT! 3 Things You’ll Miss Out On Next Week

#badchristianmoms tamingmommystemperbootcamp Jul 12, 2022

It’s bootcamp next week, baby!

Taming Mommy’s Temper Bootcamp is starting soon and I’ma tell you 3 things you’ll miss out on if you aren’t in there with us!

  1. The Camaraderie. You’re not alone. You’re not alone in the struggle, in the anger, in the loneliness, in the confusion. There are mamas all over the globe struggling with the very same things as you. The very same frustrations or boredom or shame or bitterness or utter lack of a sex drive. :)  
  2. The Simple Tools. Someone once told me that the “Hello Jesus” moment changed their life. That is the simplest, easiest tool you could ever imagine. I’ve got a whole bag of easy tricks for you to start radically changing the way you THINK and, therefore, the way you LIVE.
  3. The Hope. In all honesty, in my head, that gets emphasized by an expletive but I’ll spare you. The HOPE. The hope that you really can change AND that even if you never do, Jesus will still be loving you with a never giving up, always and forever love.

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I'll see you there, sweet mama, be sure and connect with me or Liz Jones in Messenger. We want to support you all the way through. Let's get you happier --- before the kids are grown and it's too late.


Take a look inside the course, Your Shame, Crucified. Do YOU know what shame sounds like in your head? You better. ;) 

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