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From 0 (I'm fine!) To 60 (I'm furious!)

badchristianmoms motherhoodishard tamingmommystemperbootcamp tmtb Sep 27, 2021

(Caveat: if you are actually experiencing anger and explosions that are crossing over in to physical or psychological abuse, please go see a professional counselor immediately! This is intended for mamas who can understand that more than ever before but are not close to crossing over that line.)


One of my favorite shifts to make with my clients is this:

Stop asking why. Ask what.


I recently polled the free group with this prompt: What are you MOST stuck on?

Voted in as a very close second was: "I don't understand why I go from "fine" to enraged so fast."

It IS such a curious thing, isn't it? Why does it FEEL so out of control? To be talking in a normal voice to your kids one minute and the next minute you're yelling like a lunatic. It's embarrassing, frankly. It's a little terrifying too. To see such a monster erupt out of ourselves at the people we love most.

The reality is that you can ask "Why?" until the cows come home. And you can come up with all kinds of answers that hold plenty of truth:

My parents were yellers. I wasn't taught a better way.

I'm stretched too thin. I have no time for self-care.

My husband works such long hours I feel like a single mom.

These might all be legitimate and I have no desire to minimize that struggle. That's real and that matters. 

But this can also be true:

It's time to stop asking "WHY am I like this?" 

It's time to start asking, "WHAT am I going to do about it?"


Whatever the causes are, it is now YOUR responsibility to decide what to do about it.

When my clients have gotten to that point it has resulted in REAL CHANGE that has spiraled out in all kinds of positive directions. Perhaps your next best step will look like:

A difficult but real heart to heart about priorities with the husband.

Saying "no" to unnecessary commitments in favor of doing more to care for your basic needs and desires.

Finding a good counselor to help you process the past.

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Your sin is no surprise to God. It's time to use it for His glory.

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