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Name It And Claim It

Aug 29, 2022

I’ve never liked getting my hopes up for things.

My first child’s birth was a bit traumatic and when I shared that with the midwife who cared for me in my next pregnancy, she told me some nonsense about how if I just believed or envisioned this one would go well, it would.

Shortly before his due date, she told me he was breeched.

I had an even more traumatic birth with that one. 😜

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually do think there is a lot of power in your thought life. How you think about your circumstances matters significantly; it’s a major part of what I work on with our clients. 

But our goal isn't some kind of magical control over things we aren't meant to control. Our goal is a well-managed, gospel-saturated mind, one whose thoughts are constantly being redirected to the best thoughts one could think. The truthiest truths.

He never promised us health and wealth. 

We can pray for those things, sure. We can and should talk to him about all the things we want and all the ways we wish he’d move. But we can’t “name and claim” things he’s never promised us. 

But we do get to “name and claim” all the juicy, delicious, mind-boggling, utterly preposterous and radically wonderful things he did promise us.

Those are things I should get my hopes up for.

So go pray this prayer; name ‘em and claim ‘em, baby!

I claim YOU, my joy, my God, my Father. Make me to feel, to know, what is already true of me already. That my present sufferings are not comparable to the glory that will be revealed. That I plan my way, but you direct my steps. That you intercede for me continually. That you go before me and you hem me in. That I cannot be snatched out of your hand. That you’re working all things out for my good. That hardship is discipline given carefully, thoughtfully, intentionally, gently and lovingly by a good and faithful Father. That you know what I need before I pray for it. That you value me more than the birds you feed and the flowers you clothe. That a peace that passes understanding will guard my heart. That you are very near and your heart for me is tender.  That the burden you have for me to bear is light because I am yoked with you so that you bear the heavier load. That you have invited me to be anxious for nothing. That you are with me to the end of the age. That you have laid your hand upon me. That you are rich in mercy and you love me with a love so great it cannot be measured. That not a hair falls from my head without your awareness. That you know how many hairs are still attached to my head and you know how many days I will live in this mortal body. And when you have done your will with my life then you will walk me through the doorway of death and into your glory, to show me the immeasurable riches of your grace in kindness toward me in Christ Jesus. It is by grace I have been saved. 💖

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