The Benefit Of Believing....That Everyone's A Sinner

#justasinner #badchristianmoms #jesusismyonlyhope Nov 08, 2021

It's not a popular belief these days (I like to think of it as counter-cultural 😜). Many Christians struggle to really believe it in spite of it being a central biblical concept. Some call it pessimistic and wonder why in the world I would want to believe such a depressing thing. I myself certainly haven't always wanted to believe it come to think of it. But I do. I believe it. I believe that everyone is a sinner.

And it's so helpful you guys! You'd be surprised at all the places it pops up, how it can clarify a situation and, unexpectedly, foster compassion and empathy.

For example, when I'm stuck in a cycle of beating myself up for not doing something I know that I should or for doing something I know that I shouldn't. I can stop and say, "Oh wait, I'm a sinner, that's why I'm doing this! Duh! Why am I so surprised and dismayed that I'm acting like this? I must have forgotten for a second that I'm simply a finite and fallen creature that is utterly dependent on the grace of a merciful God! Boo-yah! Because of what He's done for me I don't have to try to pull myself up by my bootstraps. I can go to the throne of grace and receive help and mercy."

Or, when my kids are revealing themselves to be utterly self-absorbed, completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy and enveloped in envy, strife and dissension. I can think, "Oh! Well I know exactly what it's like to be like that - I'm a sinner too! Why should I be surprised that they are struggling with these things? Did I forget that they too are just sinners in desperate need of the grace of a merciful God? Did I think I could somehow parent the sin out of them? Their behavior is not a sign that all is lost!! This is just another opportunity for us to turn to Jesus together and ask for help and mercy in a time of neediness!"

Try it!

Who are you judging?

Or who are you frequently irritated with?

Who in your life is totally blowing it even?

It might help, along with getting other kinds of support and input, to include a bit of meditation on the fact that that person is just a finite and fallen sinner, just like you. You might think to yourself: "Oh yeah! Jesus is my only hope. And Jesus is their only hope too. 

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