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When “Going To Jesus” Just Feels Like Another Burden

#fetalpositionprayer #justasinner #badchristianmoms #jesusismyonlyhope Jan 26, 2022

I’m just going to come right to it. You need to get in the fetal position. 😁

I’m kind of joking and I’m kind of not. 

When life is so heavy and your burdens are so numerous, it’s time to return to your frailty and to the one who cares for the frail. 

Please hear these as the provocative encouragements that they are…

Jesus is not another item on your to-do list to check off.

He doesn’t need you.

He doesn’t need you to spend time with him.

He doesn’t need you to do anything for him.

Jesus is perhaps the only Person in your life who needs absolutely nothing from you. Your kids need a lot: food, protection, diaper changes, instruction, refereeing, connection, play time… Your husband needs some: companionship, conversation, sex. Your church needs volunteers. Your kids' school needs classroom helpers. Your boss or your clients need your attention and labor. 

But Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t need a thing from you. Not a thing.

He’s the God that spoke everything into existence, spinning out stars and sequoias and freaky sea creatures and human beings. You are just a finite and fallen creature stuck to the ground who has to sleep and pee and can only reach to the second highest shelf. 

He is slow to anger, quick to mercy, full of joy, the author of life. He is Love Itself, which is patient and kind and not self-seeking and always hopes and never gives up. And you, in your finite, fallen creatureliness are the object of His undying love. 

He doesn’t need you.

You need Him.

To give you hope that all things will one day be renewed. To give you comfort that He will be with you, now in this very moment, and in the valley of the shadow of death. To give you strength in your inner being to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. To give you rest from thinking that “all the things” are as important as you’ve made them out to be. Only one thing is necessary. And you have Him.

So curl up in the fetal position. You came into this world like that, with nothing, nothing to offer. And it still reflects a truth. That you are the recipient, not the Giver. Receive, my needy friend, just receive.

Curl up in the fetal position and listen to a song or a Scripture about God and His love for you. These are some of my favorite Fetal Position Prayers to listen to: 

O Heart Bereaved and Lonely

Abide With Me - Indelible Grace

I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR by Fernando Ortega

Morgan Harper Nichols - Storyteller [w/ Jamie Grace] (Official Lyric Video)

Indelible Grace Music - Rock of Ages When the Day Seems Long lyrics


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