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Worshipping The Utensil Drawer

#gratitude #intentionalthoughts #justasinner #badchristianmoms #jesusismyonlyhope #vocation May 09, 2023

This is my utensil drawer. 

I hate this drawer. I hate it because it's falling apart. I hate it because it's dated. I hate it because even if I clean it, it still looks terrible.

So, I pretty much don't. 

I resent the drawer and the limitations the drawer represents. The limitations on my time, energy and resources that prevent me from overhauling the kitchen.

I want it. I want a beautiful kitchen. On some level I think I'm entitled to it.

But I am not.

On some level I think a remodeled kitchen and a beautiful utensil drawer will make me a happier person.

But it will not.

Submission will. Humility will. Gratitude will.

These thoughts don't literally go through my head, but it doesn't take much digging for me to find these subconscious beliefs, the roots of my contempt:

"I'll only clean the drawer if you give me a nicer one."
"This drawer is below me. I'm above this. I deserve a nicer drawer."

God has put me in this kitchen. In this humble, dated, functional kitchen that is sometimes full of laughter and dancing and sometimes full of strife and conflict.

He has not yet put me in the "room" he is preparing for me with him in glory.
He has put me here,
on earth,
with this utensil drawer,
and these people.

This is my utensil drawer. For now. This is my place. Right here. Right now.

I honor the Lord by tending to the place he has given to me. Not by resenting it, ignoring it or demanding something else.


Today I cleaned the dumb drawer. It took me 3 minutes. I yanked all these spatulas out, vacuumed up the little feast of various food particles and gave it a wipe down. It still looks terrible.

But it was an act of worship and submission.


I submitted to my place and gave thanks for this drawer as I cleaned it. And for the utensils in it that I use to cook for all these hoodlums. And for the hoodlums. Who couldn't care less what the utensil drawer looks like.

What are you resenting these days? :)

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