Is Shame quietly stalking you?

What if it's whispering it’s nonsense to you and you aren't even aware of it?

What if it's making it even harder for you to be the kind of mom you want to be for your kids? 

Shame wants to keep you:

  • isolated and lonely, believing you are the only one who is struggling,
  • insecure, afraid you'll never "figure it out,"
  • stagnant, feeling stuck in parenting patterns that aren't building the long-term relationship with your kids that you desperately want.

Jesus didn't die on the cross so you would spend your life still haunted by Shame (and "mom guilt"). What if He wants to use the very thing you fear is ruining everything to reawaken the joy of your salvation?

Step #1: Know it when you hear it...

  You have to know what Shame sounds like in your head.

You HAVE to know that it’s not just you.

You HAVE to know that this destructive force is unnecessarily wreaking havoc in your life and family.

And you HAVE to know that there is a way out.

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